Literature essay: structure, requirements, essay volume

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Literature essay: structure, requirements, essay volume

Recently, in higher education institutions of the country in the humanities, in the humanities, closely related to the knowledge of the Russian language, teachers have increasingly begun to require students to best paper writing services a somewhat new type of literary works - essays.

Despite the fact that this type of written expression of one's own thoughts resembles ordinary essays, there are still a few significant differences. The requirements, structure, form, volume of the essay - this is only a partial list of the characteristic features.


What is an essay

The word "essay" itself is of French origin (essai), and means "outline", "essay", "sketch", "study", "sample". The most common type of essay is found among works of fiction. However, there are not only essays in literature: written reasoning is common in philosophy, social studies, history, foreign languages, political science and in many other subjects.

The basic idea of an essay as a work

An essay implies a free expression of thoughts. However, according to some of the requirements for the essay, this statement can be questioned. In particular, the teacher sets the volume of the essay and, in most cases, its topic. This is precisely what contradicts the original definition of a free essay. What, then, should be understood by the term "essay"?


The salt of the whole work lies in the fact that the student on paper independently expresses his thoughts and opinions regarding one or another aspect, interprets personal attitude to certain problems and describes the views. In this regard, the genre of the essay can have different colors - critical, philosophical, journalistic.

Practical usefulness

The essay, which has been successfully used for many years in Western educational systems, helps organize one's thoughts, clearly stating them in writing, contributes to creative thinking and broadens students' horizons. In addition, the process of writing elucidates the cause of the problem, highlights the preconditions for its occurrence, possible consequences, and ways to avoid them. The student learns to argue his thoughts and draw conclusions. Examples of essays in social studies, history and political science are particularly striking in this regard.

The main signs.

In 2004, the Russian scholar M. Yu Brandt highlighted and most accurately described the main signs of the essay:

- a specific theme underlying each essay;

- comprehension of the problem and direct perception of it by the author himself;

- small volume of the essay;

- free structure;

- narration - free, not limited by a strict framework;

- presence of original and non-trivial author's judgments;

- inseparability of the meaning of the narrative;

- incompleteness, that is, the absence of an exhaustive analysis with a specific ending.

In addition, every essay on literature or any other subject should have in its body an analysis of the materials found on the problem, as well as some examples illustrating it.

Differences from term papers, essays, essays

The difference between an mcessay and other written work lies mainly in its main features. Let us consider these features in more detail:

Structure. A term paper has a strictly regulated order: a title page, a table of contents, an introduction, a logical chain of topics that include chapters, paragraphs and paragraphs, a conclusion, a list of references and appendices. The form of the essay does not imply such a rigid framework. Although the information is presented in an orderly form, but without proving the relevance of the problem, without setting certain goals and objectives.
Stylistics. Graduate theses, term papers and essays are written exclusively in a scientific or academic style. The essay is set out in free language, but the sentences must be literate, and the speech - well put.

Specific information. If in scientific papers an abundance of numbers, dates, theses (often not very necessary), welcome, then the essay on literature or any other subject will be enough just a few, but very bright and memorable examples.
Lack of citations and references. In free essays, quotations are inadmissible: remember that our essay is a personal judgment and thought.